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Monday, March 31, 2008

ITDP's Sustainable Transport e-Bulletin for March 2008, No. 25

sustainable transport e-bulletin
March 2008 • No. 25

Features A New Generation of Bus Rapid Transit Systems Opens in China Guangzhou pictureIn January 2008, three new bus rapid transit (BRT) systems opened in China in Dalian, Changzhou and Chongqing. This new generation of Chinese BRT systems may indicate a trend toward hybrid, 'flexible' systems featuring BRT buses operating both inside and outside the BRT corridor... (read full story). Buenos Aires to Implement a Vélib-style Public Bicycle Transport System Buenos aires conciclorutas sería idealThe Buenos Aires City Council took a positive step towards becoming a more sustainable city by approving legislation to create a public bicycle transport system. Replicating the Vélib system in Paris, which was awarded with the 2008 Sustainable Transport Award, the law establishes a city-wide bicycle rental system that also provides strategically-located bike stations... (read full story). Some Jakarta Busway Lanes Opened to Cars TransJakarta busway filled with carsFor the last several months, portions of Jakarta's busway corridors have been opened to general traffic by the Jakarta police, doubling and tripling travel time for some TransJakarta riders. Since January of 2007, the TransJakarta busway has been operating 97 km of services on seven corridors. Work on three additional corridors is in progress... (read full story).

On PARK(ing) Day, People Demand More Parks, Less Parking PARK(ing) Day RioOn September 21, 2007, people in 47 cities transformed parking spots into over 180 small parks during an annual global event called PARK(ing) Day. By thinking of metered parking spaces as short term, inexpensive leasing of the space, PARK(ing) Day takes those parking spots and turns them into public spaces. These passive places where cars would sit all day became active places of recreation, interaction and play. (read full story).

New Publications & Resources Click on the links below to go to the full stories. Bus Rapid Transit Planning Guide (now in print)

Os trólebus na Cidade de São Paulo: Uma Análise Preliminar (The Trolleybus in Sao Paulo)

Revitalising São Pãulo's City Centre: Strategies for Anhangabaú & Quadra das Artes

Documento Red de Movilidad Ciclista (in Spanish)

Recommendations for Governor Fauzi Bowo on TransJakarta ITDP Interbike Presentation 2007 Gender and Urban Transport Sourcebook Ciclovia Butanta (in Portuguese)

Guangzhou BRT Rendering-1

Guangzhou BRT Rendering-2 Guangzhou BRT Rendering-3

Project Updates & News Click on the links below to go to the full stories. 2008 Sustainable Transport Award Winners and Honorable Mentions London, Paris Edge Out Guatemala City; Eugene, Oregon; & Pereira, Colombia for 2008 ST Award LTD's EmX line wins award for 'sustainable transportation'

Non Motorized Training Courses in Brazil in November 2007 Ban on Cycle Rickshaw in Chandni Chowk challenged in Supreme Court Beating climate change with Clinton USA & Indonesia: Addressing Climate Change & More Busway project gets foreign support Industry Group Brings Bikes to Poor Newscast - Pedestrian Safety in Mexico City (Spanish) For more news, please go to ITDP's News archive.

Upcoming Events Congress for the New Urbanism XVI: New Urbanism and the Booming Metropolis April 3-6, 2008 in Austin Texas. For more information, go to CNU XVI

ISOCARP's 44th International Planning Congress: Urban Growth without Sprawl; a Way towards Sustainable Urbanisation September 19 23, 2008 in Dalian, China For more information, go to ISOCARP Congress 2008

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