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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anarchocyclist's reading list for March 5, and other links

It's a pretty good list, and includes several items that were on my gotta-make-time-for-this list, which I lost. Anarchocyclist's blog has a nice banner image. projekto-b is a bikey-blog from somewhere north and west of here, maybe even some other country. No wonder they sound friendly. Here's a nice shot of what happens when you use bike parts for off-label uses. I think it kinda serves 'em right for calling their company "Kooka," don't you think? And of course, we need a little communist death-metal fixed gear action to get through the week. Now, in case you haven't been paying attention, this years hot styling is longitudinal two-tone paint-schemes, with or with out striping. In evidence: Spot Brand's entire line of pause for a moment, I thought it would be 2050 before I got to say that phrase. Someone pinch me. Next, from Signal Cycles, one of my favorite bikes from NAHBS 2008: Honestly, I'm not so keen on the front rack, although I understand why lot of folks like it. I just don't think it goes with the aesthetic of the rest of the bike. It ought to be chromed or stainless steel, for one, and it should have a contempo-paperboy feel, a little Waldish, if you know what I'm talkin' about. Woah, did you see that? A new Wald website, using ColdFusion no less - straight from the 19th century to the 21st. It looks like they have some new product in there too: Mesh Baskets (the 933 and the 957) and black powder coated fenders. They clearly got the message: Bikes are cool, and we're taking over. They also have a new logo and shirt design. I was bummed that they dumped the old one until I read the fine print: CRICKET PRESS did their design work. I love it when relationships triangulate, it suggests that everything will be OK, which is comforting. I still think the shirt is a little cheesy, with the "What will you put in your basket?" bit, but I'll let it slide.

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