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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

If you're not from around here, and by here I mean the Mid-Atlantic States, you may not know a whole lot about the Chesapeake Bay. It's worth knowing about, and we'll wait for you, so get going (click here). Anyway, after griping about the Sierra Club the other day, I found this:

You can be part of the solution. Join CBF's CYCLIST FOR THE BAY program and help protect this national treasure. Take the Pledge:

The Pledge


  • Use my bicycle instead of a car whenever possible to reduce the harmful effects of vehicle emissions.
  • Ride my bike to work at least once a week, if circumstances allow.
  • Do what I can to promote cycling as an environmentally-friendly means of transportation.
  • Spread the word that vehicle exhaust contributes more than one-third of all the nitrogen pollution entering the Bay from the air.
  • Encourage other cyclists to join the fight to protect and restore the waterways, farmlands, and forests of the Bay region.
  • Speak out for decisive action to save this national treasure.

They'll send you some free stuff, like a CYCLIST FOR THE BAY water bottle, two CYCLIST FOR THE BAY stickers, a pledge card with useful Bay information, and some other crap.

If you have questions, Contact Heather Tuckfield at htuckfield@cbf.org or 443.482.2151.

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