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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


That's what I said.  Nevertheless, here it is: a front disc hub with 135mm spacing (O.L.D. to some, or B.T.E.: "between the ends").

Why?  It provides a montrously strong dishless ISO-disc-brake-compatible front wheel.  The downside: you need a fork with 135mm spacing.  The fix: Jeff Jones has had a bunch made by Vicious Cycles.  The silver lining: you can run a double-wide rim and an 3.7" Endomorph tire, and wave at the rediculously rough stuff as you float over it riding with one hand on the bars.  Paul Comp makes the hub, but Jeff Jones is the source if you want to buy one: www.jonesbikes.com.  Hehe.  Big'n fat.  Wide load.  Bid'ness class.  Yeah, whatever.

If you haven't seen Jeff Jones' bikes, go check them out. Even if you have seen them, go check them out again. He's added a bunch of stuff since I'd been there last.

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