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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mavic EZ Ride Pedal System

This was posted on Urban Velo a few weeks back. Very cool:


The Mavic EZ Ride system is a "clipless" pedal/shoe combination meant for ease of use on the bike, and ease of walking off the bike. Unbeknownst to many in the American bicycle market, Mavic makes far more than just the wheels marketing in the states - overseas Mavic offers entire component ranges and was a pioneer in electronic shifting. While lacking any true retention system, the EZ Ride system uses an x-shape interface to key the shoe into the pedal, with a magnetic tab to help keep things in place. You can't pull up on the pedals, and you don't need to twist out of them, but the interface is sure to be more secure feeling than a platform pedal for most riders. For commuting and relatively short trips this system may make sense for given riders, but when it comes to longer distances I could see the lack of adjustment of foot position being a problem. There also does not appear to be any "float" or free twisting of the foot/pedal interface built into the system, which could be a problem for those with touchy knees. For more casual riders who nonetheless want a more secure pedal feel but just don't like clips and straps or clipless pedals that you have to twist out of the Mavic EZ Ride could be the answer. Visit the EZ Ride site for more information and animations showing how the system fits together.

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