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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jtek Bar-end Shifter for Shimano 8-speed Internal Hubs

In case you missed it here it is:
Jtek Bar-end Shifter for 8-speed Shimano Alfine & Nexus Internal Hubs
  • Super light weight only 64 grams making it the lightest bar-end shifter on the market!
  • 24mm & 22.2mm clamp-on design. Easy installation eliminates the need for disassembly to install
  • High quality CNC precision machined parts, 100% made in Hugo, MN.
  • 8-speed indexing

Finally a shifting solution for people who want to use Shimano internal hubs with drop-bar, road bike style handle bars. This shifter is compatible with Shimano 8-speed Alfine & Nexus hubs. It features a clamp-on mounting design which will fit standard diameter 24mm or 22.2mm handle bars with included spacer clamp shim.

$80 for a single shifter is pretty steep, but they've got a corner on the market.  If you don't know about Jtek, check them out (here).  They've smart little solutions for a bunch of irksome problems.  Props to EcoVelo for his post about this item.  Hello, Shimano, are you listening?


Scott the CNC Milling man said...

They are some QUALITY shifters

Scott the CNC Milling man said...

Can I get a set of those shifters in the UK??

Bike there, with directions: