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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The SKS Chainboard chainguard

You heard it here first:

This is the Year of the Chaingaurd.

SKS sent out a press release yesterday introducing their new chaingaurd, called the Chainboard. They say it looks good, but I disagree. They also say it works well, and this I have no reason to doubt--I've been universally pleased with the design and durability of the SKS products I've used.

The Chainboard features the same black or silver Chromoplastic used in SKS fenders, and has a telescoping tail-end to fit a variety of bikes. It's available in several diameters in order to accomodate various derailleur configurations and chainring sizes. Ask for it at your LBS, and let me know what you think. MSRP $27.99.

SKS Germany is in my Favorite Companies list. It makes the best plastic fenders around (though Planet Bike makes good ones for less bread). SKS also makes the Rennkompressor floor pump, which has a fun name to say. For more information about SKS products, contact SKS USA at 618-395-2400 or crystal.trout@sks-usa.com


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the information about our chainguards and products on your site. To help with your doubts...I would be happy to send you out a free chainguard to test. Please give me a call at 618-395-2400. Crystal Trout

Chris Juden said...

I'm curious about your observation that the Chainboard doesn't look good. Do you mean relative to similar products? Or do you prefer the look of a bare chain, or does nothing less than a full chaincase satisfy your practical aesthetic?

I can relate to #3, but if yes to #2 I'd be sorry that even a self-confessed "practical cyclist" is unable to rise above the Anglo-Medterranean sports cycling cultural hegemony of his home country!

Whatever: you might have noticed that Shimano Nexus and most other single chainwheels for internal gear bikes nowadays, are equipped with a central circular trim. This trim neatly matches up with the hole in the 38T model of Chainboard and other, similar chainguards.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder of course, but without a matching chainguard I reckon that trim looks about as cool as a pie-plate on a singlespeed! In which case the Chainboard has to be an improvement, surely?

David said...

Maybe I had been looking at too many nouveau-constructeur bikes, or maybe I've just warmed to plastic look, but it doesn't look so bad now.

I admit that I often make aesthetics choices that are not always practical, and vice versa, but I would say that the alignment of form and function is a reasonable definition of elegance. Also, I try to take the attitude that "everything is good for something", from a bare multi-colored faux-NJS chain to the most rickety chaincase.

Also, in the future please don't use words like "hegemony" without prior authorization. Just kidding.

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