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Friday, September 5, 2008

New Hampshire Ave, Multimodal Boulevard?

In the Montgomery County Gazette:

"We really need to rethink the entire way that we have looked at this road for the past 30 or more years to transform it into a classic urban street, or what we call a multiway boulevard," Stuart Sirota of TND Plannning Group told the Takoma Park City Council...


dcdouglas said...

It's nice that you provided Sirota's quote, but did you read the entire article? It became abundantly clear that Mr. Sirota did not envision bicyclists when he presented his redesign. At least, if he did, he expected that they would ride on the sidewalk.

Kudos should go to Reuben Snipper (disclosure: a coworker of mine) who called him out on it.

I have no problem shrinking a six lane road down to a four lane road, as long as the remaining real estate is repurposed to fit the local community needs. However, as Reuben noted, bicyclists are part of the community.

David said...

I agree. That's why I put the question mark in the title of the post.

Bike there, with directions: