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Friday, September 12, 2008

Mostly Monkey

I've got a lot of monkey DNA. So do you, I'll bet. We're in good company, too:
There's Monkeyjump, with it's practical Manifesto. It hasn't been updated in while, I think, but the pathos, ethos, and logos still stand up just fine.

We've got the Stokemonkey and the Big Dummy, both now in production, that will carry us safely into the twenty-first century. The Stokemonkey is clearly a pure breed, coming by way of the Cleverchimp, and while the Big Dummy is not explicitly monkey, its uncle, Karate Monkey, reveals a clear connection.

And we have MonkeyElectric, who have made some LED lights that we knew would come along eventually, and are really excited about. A good monkey has got to be seen.

If you've been monkeying around, engaging in, or just know about monkey business, be sure to let us know. Maybe we should have a monkey-mass.
[Apologies to TF, who is not Clever Chimp. -Ed.]

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