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Friday, June 13, 2008

Will Bicycles Save Planet? Film at 11.

Well, no, they won't, but they'll help a lot. That consistutes a serious admission for me, but it's a monkey off my back. Let's move on. Here is a series of question for y'all:
  1. How sustainable, in every sense, is the bicycle industry?
  2. To what degree should we focus on the internal sustainability of the industry?
  3. To what degree should we focus on the structural sustainability of the global supply chain?
  4. What is the role of the bicycle in developing nations and the so called "emerging economies"?

According to what I've read, Permaculture appears to be one of a number of criteria for the design of sustainable human society, with a particular focus on ecological and agricultural sustainability. Here's a post about permaculture from The Old Spokes Home, in Burlington, VT, with some thoughtful replies and links to several other interesting sites:

Are Bikes Permaculture? I have to admit some ignorance here. Even worse, my ignorance was born of smug indifference. There are many new words thrown around that are conjunctions of two real words. It can be frustrating to the point where you block them all out as background noise. Permaculture is a mash-up word you hear on a regular basis. I heard it repeated often by people I respect, and the concepts included in the conversation were the type I identify with. I decided it was time to take a second look...

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