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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Industry Reporting, from the US and China

Here is a very interesting piece by FBB on bicycle manufacturing in China:

Sunday, June 8, 2008 Fifteen Days in the Belly of the Beast Over at the Kogswell Owners Group (KOG), there was a recent discussion about the “Yo Eddy” fork, manufactured by the late, great Fat City Cycles. It was generally agreed that...

Here's a piece that was produced a few years ago for the show Day to Day, on NPR, about one of my favorite companies, WALD:

U.S. Firm Keeps Toehold in Bike Basket Business July 28, 2005, by Noah Adams and Madeleine Brand Listen Now [5 min 10 sec]

I was very pleased to see WALD update it's product offerings and website/marketing recently. They are the kind of business that gives meaning to the concept of tradition. Everyone should have at least one bike with a WALD basket on it. Come to think of it, they're practical not very heavy (the smaller ones), so if you don't have one on every bike you own, there should be a good reason such as: "I like to ride really really fast," or "I always carry a backpack, even though I'm getting carpel-tunnel."

Here's a quick guide to my favorite wald baskets, which happen to be the older kind, made of wide spaced wire, rather than the newer "screen" material:

Smaller (L x W)

Larger (L x W)


#137 Every bike should have one

#139 A sensible size most purposes


#198GB "Multifit" Good for many contemporary bike

#157 Delivery Basket Ubiquitous in New York City

Photos: Forbes Bagatelle-Black, cycloculture.blogspot.com; WALD, Inc., http://www.waldsports.com/

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