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Friday, June 6, 2008

21st Century Thinking

"The future of the internal combustion engine,
the workhorse of the 20th century, is in doubt."
Anyone care to guess who said it?
A box of vintage bike parts goes to the first correct answer.
Write your answer on the back of a $20 bill and send it to...


joe said...


page 3, last sentence of the 2nd paragraph under phase 3.

you forgot mention "no purchase necessary." do i win?

David said...

Sure do! Well done. What's your pleasure, when it comes to vintage bike parts? I just unpacked and repacked my buckets of junk, so I've got a pretty good idea what's in there: some of everything.

By the by, where are you from, and how did you find your way here?

I didn't really think anyone read this...

joe said...

Sweet! The quote seemed so obscure I didn't think I was right. I live Vermont and I noticed a link to this blog from Mike Flannigan's ANT bike blog.

As far as parts go it tough to say not knowing whats in there so i'll tell what would be of use. i wouldnt need any french standard parts. so you know what i have now, my tastes lean to steel frames with quill stems. i have also been thinking about putting together all arounder with a basket or flatbed rack, fenders for groceries, paved/dirt roads and life in general. i haven't begun on this so it pretty wide open at this point. or and i could use a flat innnertube. i dont have any now.

i have sent my address to the "red" email address on this blog.

Bike there, with directions: