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Friday, November 14, 2008

The kg271, by Madsen

Bike - Black Bucket Bike - Black Rack
Here's a new longtail on the scene, and it's got a funny name. Madsen calls it "kg271." I assume that's a reference to its cargo cpacity--but that's a sizable load (almost 600 pounds)--so don't go trying it 'cause I said so, because I did not say so.
  1. Hi-tensile steel frame.
  2. 8-speed Sram X5 drive parts.
  3. One size, they say, fits 5'-0" to 6'-6". This troubles me a bit, but I'm only looking at a picture. If you give it a try, let me know how it goes.
The "bucket" version has a bench seat with two seatbelts, and bet it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys with two little ones in there. It holds 40 gallons. Of what? Up to you. The rack on the rack-clad version looks pretty stout, and the six equally-spaced horizontal elements suggest a great deal of flexibility. Not quite modular, but I love that word, so I wrote it down. I could see this thing carrying a couple of bike on roof-rack style trays; or a couple of passengers; but what excites me most is the potential for a Grill Bike. Imagine slow cooking some short ribs on a 400k brevet: "No, no more banana and peanut-butter for me. Thanks though."
Bucket Style: $1300. Rack Style: $1100. + $100 shipping.
You can order it direct, online. Madsen will ship it to a LBS/IBD of your choice, and pay for the assembly and tuning. Interesting idea.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Moly that's awesome! I was explaining to a co-worker yesterday what longtails are, in my joke that I could give people rides if I had an Xtracycle. :)

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