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Monday, November 3, 2008

If you like mirrors...

...you'll like this mirror.

The Safe-Zone Helmet-Mounted Mirror

It's made in the USA by a small company call Efficient Velo Tools (EVT).  The company asks consumers to support independently owned local bike shops, so contact yours and ask for the Safe-Zone Mirror, from EVT.  The suggested retail price is $40.  If your local dealer is not friendly about ordering one, you can order direct from the company for $40 each, postage paid. They say "Satisfaction Guaranteed," and I'm pretty sure they mean it.

1 comment:

efficientvelo said...

Wow!, thanks for the publicity on my mirror. I have sold approximately 1300 mirrors so far in the Portland, Oregon area. These share the same functionality but had a fabricated, rather than injection-molded base. I decided to invest in the injection mold to make it look nicer, and, thus try and sell nationally. I have noticed elsewhere that folks(unfortunately folks who have not tried one) have some concerns/questions that I would like to address:

1. Blind Spot. Not an issue, as, when it is adjusted correctly (approx. 5" from eye) because we see using both eyes the field of view ends up unobstructed.....true it may "bother" some folks at first, but the overwhelming majority of folks that actually TRY IT tell me it is the best mirror they have ever used.

2. The joints will wear out. Absolutely not!, the linked tube is a proven industrial (loc-line) product that is used in machine tool coolant supply lines, I have seen hundreds of examples of this product used in horrific conditions while still retaining it's position-holding integrity.

Additionally, some folks have mounted this mirror creatively on road handlebars.

Thanks for the attention you have given my mirror, Brett Flemming Ownere Efficient Velo Tools LLC.

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