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Friday, May 30, 2008

Nick Peterson on Streetsblog

My Friend Nick was quoted on Streetsblog. He's very excited about it. I'm impressed too. We're all clearly a bit nerdy over here. The piece is about parking garages in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. Here is Nick's juicy bit:

"...The Department of City Planning doesn't seem to take seriously the fact that parking generates traffic," says Nick Peterson, a vice president at planning firm Alex Garvin & Associates, "but if a new garage opens on a block that provides a net increase of 200 parking spaces, that's 200 cars that weren't there before. It's pretty obvious that new cars are on the road as a result." As for the pedestrian environment, he adds, "A parking garage is a dead space along the sidewalk -- there is no reason to go in and out of a parking garage except to park or pick up your car."

Yay, Nick! The whole piece is worth a look, even if you live in DC.

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