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Friday, May 9, 2008

New Orleans Bicycles, the book

Book Cover Bicycle: The History Herlihy, David V.
I'd been wanting this book for a while, but hadn't gotten around to it. It was my birthday last week, and some good friends gave it to me. It's good. And very well written. And it's making me happy. Just now, I'd forgotten the author's name, so I was looking for it on-the-line, and came across these books that looked interesting:
Book CoverBook Cover
Book CoverBook Cover
And then I saw this:
New Orleans Bicycles
By Nicholas Costarides and Mary Richardson,
with an introduction by Andrei Codrescu
A portion of the proceeds go to a New Orleans community bike project. I ordered it immediately at great independent bookstore, Politics & Prose. We should all try to buy our books and music from local retailers, as long as they offer good products and services. Here is the publisher's description of New Orleans Bicycles:

New Orleans will forever exist in a post-Hurricane Katrina context. New Orleans' Bicycles features over 100 colorful and detailed photographs taken eighteen months prior to the disaster. Thought some of the bikes look as if they would crumble under the weight of a rider, and others have the carefully considered accouterments of an art object, every bike in the book was used on a daily basis. These photographs, and the accompanying text that lyrically meditates on the significance of the images, show the side of New Orleans that most visitors never saw. It is the power of these bikes scattered throughout the decaying landscape of New Orleans that attracted the authors to shoot these photographs. Naturally, the photographs depict how things were given the time they were taken. It is impossible to predict what the future will bring for New Orleans, and New Orleans' Bicycles does not claim to address how the city has changed. What it creates, however, is nostalgia for how the city was prior to the hurricane, and hope for those ways to return. A portion of the proceeds from sales will go to a New Orleans community bike project.


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