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Friday, November 2, 2007

Current Thinking and a Vision Statement

WashCycle has a nice Epic Bike Sharing Post that is at least in part a review of Paul DeMaio's recent presentation in Arlington, VA. Dig it. (I wish that phrase had not been trademarked.) I think I'm going to re-arrange this blog, yet-again, to make it first and fore-most a resource for people who need information and encouragement to ride for transportation--practical information that reduces the barriers to riding, eliminates the excuses. Here is my vision statement:

It should be easy to ride a bike for routine urban transportation. Riders do not need expensive or cycling-specific clothing, bags, or other gear. Riders should not be intimidated by other bicyclists, by bike shop staff, by automobile traffic, or by anyone else. Riding a bike should be an unremarkable activity, it should be de rigueur: the standard thing, the routine.

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