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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lot 31, Bethesda

The Montgomery County Gazzette reported on September 28, 2005:

In June, the county awarded PN Hoffman and Stonebridge Associates of Bethesda the development rights to lot 31. Currently, the parking lot holds 270 metered parking spaces, but it will become a mixed-use development that includes parking, residences and shopping. Hoffman⁄Stonebridge was chosen over 12 other development companies that submitted proposals for the site, after county officials solicited developers to present ideas for ways to improve the property.

The plans also include a $3 million reconfiguration of the intersection of Woodmont and Bethesda avenues, narrowing the roads in order to slow traffic and provide a shorter distance for pedestrians to cross the street.

Retail plans include a possible bike shop to accompany plans for a ‘‘bicycle depot,” a rest area where bikers on the adjacent Capital Crescent Trail would congregate, said Doug Firstenberg, a partner of Hoffman⁄Stonebridge.

That was two years ago. I wonder what's going on these daze?

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