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Monday, June 15, 2009

I support internal gears on kids bikes

I'm starting a new cause: putting internal gears on kids' bikes - all of them, everywhere. Why not put a gear-hub on a kid's bike? I know: it's too expensive. I don't buy it (haha). There are so many good reasons to use internal hub-gears on kids' bikes that frankly, I'm shocked no one had done it before know. Maybe someone had, somewhere in bike-topia, but they weren't for sale around here. Now they are, I think. Perhaps. Anyway, I saw one yesterday at Clever Cycles, and it almost knocked me over, I was so excited. This is the Batavus 20" Personal Bike. In addition to the three-speed hub, it has a dynamo headlight engaged by a grip-twist remote mechanism. Um, RAD!


Duncan Watson said...

I agree with you. Three speed hubs are great for kids bikes. I do like a grip shift engaged dynamo light, very slick. Wow.

Bryce Nesbitt said...
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Bryce Nesbitt said...

Sadly the Batavus 20" Personal Bike seems to be discontinued, and the link above is dead. Surprisingly, Schwinn seems to have some internal gear kid's bikes.

Anonymous said...

Giant have boys and girls 'mountain-style' bikes with 3-speed internal gear hubs in both 20 and 24 inch wheel sizes.

MTX 115 and MTX 225 are the models. They look really cool too.

Isla... said...

Raleigh used to in the UK up until the late '80s.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of hub gears - both my bikes have 7 and 8 speed Shimano hubs. For road riding they're far safer and more reliable than derailleurs. Personally I think derailleurs should be consigned to the dustbin for all but serious competition bikes. Normal folks don't need em.

Soumik Ghosh said...

Do you think Hub gears can help in mountain biking?
kids bikes

Unknown said...

need to build a 20 inch wheel for my kids bike with internal hub any links or brands available? thanks
He is riding a specialized aluminum hotrock with 110 mm spacing thanks

Unknown said...

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