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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Saddle Stolen, I'm sad.

Some people steal bike seats for kicks, or to trade for a rock. Some do it because they're selfish. I'm trying to believe that the thief who took my saddle was just down on his luck - lost his job and stole my saddle so he could buy medicine for his sick children - but it's hard to believe. Whoever stole knew what they were looking at, and had a 4mm hex and a 10mm wrench with him. I have selfish moments too, but I try not to steal things that are clearly valued by their owners.

My saddle looked just like this one.
It was taken from my bicycle
at the Silver Spring Metro station,
on the north side of Colesville Road (map below).

If you see it around, please let me know. If you know the dude, or lady I guess, who took my saddle, kindly ask them to return it. It's never too late for redemption, I would forgive and harbor no resentment. I reserve resentments for family members. And honestly, I can't afford to replace this saddle right now.

View Saddle Theft in a larger map


Duncan Watson said...

That is very unfortunate. I wish you the best of luck in retrieving your stolen saddle.

Anonymous said...

My Brooks got stolen today from the same station, but on the south side of colesville. I even had it locked separately to the bike, Cable apparently not thick enough...It's really nice that people passing by don't care when someone is obviously CUTTING a saddle off a bike! Last month there was a craigslist post, someone wanting to buy a Brooks. I hope whoever that was isn't buying our saddles tonight...

Keri said...

Ugh. That's so low!

I've been contemplating locking my bike downstairs so I don't have to keep carrying it up and down. I wondered if there was a risk of someone stealing my Brooks... this doesn't make me happy :-(

I hope you get it back.

Anonymous said...

That sucks. I Love my Brooks. I just introduced a new Long John bike and I decided to include a Brooks saddle as a stock part because it makes my work look that much better.
Dan - Organic Engines

Steve Stellmacher said...

Thank you for your web site. Today my wife an I biked down to chinatown/Mt Vernon Sq. and locked up there. We enjoyed the beautiful day and the portrait gallery/great lunch etc. When we got back we had TWO stolen saddles! (also our little seat bags with a multi-tool. It seriously rained on our parade and could not understand why someone would do this- the drug angle helps me cope. We walked to logan circle/the bike rack for new seats, only to be told that they couldn't work on my wife's "store bought" bike (as opposed to bike shop bike". We ended our tribulation with a metro ride back to brookland. What a weird day. BTW, my new saddle has a $6.00 leash to the frame which I strongly recommend.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I had my bike locked up outside a train station in downtown Chicago during the weekend. When I got off the train on Monday, I noticed that my saddle/post on my bike was different than what I originally had. Someone took my seat & post and replaced it with something different. Luckily for me, the post was the right diameter and the saddle happened to be better than the one which was taken. I don't understand people...

Anonymous said...

My b17 special was stolen yesterday, i feel for you. Im starting a Stolen Saddle Support group if you need emotional support.

Bike there, with directions: