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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kids Road Bikes

Now here's something you ought to see everyday, but generally don't. Kids on road bikes!
Anderson Custom Bicycles has a nice page on the topic, and clearly has made a few kids' road bikes, using iso 520mm wheels. Mike Flanigan made a few practical kids bikes, under his A.N.T. brand. MG, aka Kogswell, threatens every now and then to design and order a container full of practical 520 bikes. Go G.
A quick search yeilds a few brands, but nothing as nice as Anderson or A.N.T.:
And this page, from folks who cobbled together something from a few old frames. I know a guy in DC (NOVA actually) who did this. His kids may have outgrown the bikes by now, but I think the racing club (NCVC) probably kept them, to pass on down the line. Also for DC area folks, I know Linda Mack's shop, Silver Cycles, in Silver Spring, had a few European youth road bikes, but I can't remember the brand.
If you know of more kids road bikes, send me the deets, you know, 4-1-1.

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Agree with all the five-star reviews. These dudes (there might have been a dudette or two amongst them) were helpful and professional. volto

Bike there, with directions: